Downtown Atlanta GA Hotel Lounge

Living Room

The Living Room. A great start, morning noon and night. Perfect for coffee, conversation, cocktails, or just kicking back. The Living Room is on the way to wherever you’re going. Read the paper, plan your meeting or start your night right.

With a variety of wines, a seemingly endless list of seasonal concoctions created by our tenured mixologist and a menu of delicious nibbles, the Living Room is Atlanta’s gathering place.

Sip on the classic Blue Moon Fizz with gin, crème de violette and lemon meringue, or enjoy a house 110 Marietta Martinez of gin, Italian vermouth, orange bitters, maraschino and flamed lemon.  Fresh new cocktail sensations created daily.

For lovers of the vine, the wine list focuses on an innovative new world taste, featuring biodynamic and organic bottles that embrace the sustainable and fresh nature of our unique Atlanta bar and restaurant.