Sustainability Initiative

The Glenn Hotel recognizes the importance of preserving our environment and its resources. As a forward-thinking Atlanta hotel, the Glenn is proud of the steps it has taken to be better stewards of our environment by improving energy efficiency, reusing existing structures, and leveraging the assets of the existing urban environment.

Improving Energy Efficiency

The Glenn Hotel features numerous building components that reduce overall energy consumption without compromising the guest experience or the design aesthetic. New windows installed during the renovation improve insulating capabilities. High-efficiency water source heat pumps provide heating and cooling to the guest rooms, a significant improvement over the traditional hotel through-the-wall PTAC units. Finally, smart thermostats in each guest room control each room’s HVAC and lighting systems. These thermostats sense when each room is occupied, and turn off lights and HVAC units when the room is unoccupied.

Reusing Existing Structures

Prior to renovation, the dilapidated Glenn Building sat empty for over a decade and was slated for demolition. Besides preserving a historic building integral to the urban fabric of Downtown Atlanta, the renovation of the Glenn building reduced and minimized the amount of new construction materials and construction waste generated.

Leveraging and Enhancing the Assets of the Existing Urban Environment

Our Atlanta hotel is located within easy walking distance of several train and bus stops, allowing guests to take mass transit to and from the airport and around the Atlanta metro area. Additionally, the Glenn Hotel employees are able to commute to work via mass transit. These efforts help reduce auto usage for employees and guests thereby improving air quality for the city. Additionally, the renovation of the Glenn Hotel turned a dilapidated building into a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly amenity in Downtown Atlanta. Residents and visitors alike enjoy this addition to the Downtown community.